Monday, December 1, 2008

What am I gonna do about My City?

Everyone has to have their say on the terror attacks. Here’s mine - what can we do style…
Contribute to a fund – for better weaponry and training for the police. For the victims – Modi’s money which will reach late anyways.
Professional counsellers / medics can donate time to victims’ families. What the hey, any of us can just sit with them and lend a helping hand, a listening ear.
We need to get more vigilant, more strict with ourselves. Entering a mall / theatre and the security doesn’t check you? Kick his / her arse and insist on being checked and it being done for those before / after you.
(Aside: There’s a theory that the USA will do anything to get Iran / Iraq oil – that’s why Bush went to war. So, the Yanks will do anything to control the neighboring countries – of which Pakistan is one. They pressurize Pak to co-operate with India and before long, we’ll be at war. Daddy Yankee comes in when we’ve blown each other to bits and gets easy access to the oil pipeline! Ta-dah!)
Get tougher on any little law that’s being broken in our city. Don’t litter / spit / endorse bribery / etc. Beat the shit out of the ones that do if Gandhigiri doesn’t work.
We are paying taxes anyway – which fat ass pocket is the money going into? Find out through RTI and weep.
The politicians get off easy by resigning – no responsibility for finding out solutions or investigating the facts anymore. OK they lose out on all the suitcases of money they could still make but… in a year or so they’ll be back if we don’t vote into power a party that believes in a better life for the citizens.
Page 3 types are doing their bit – yeah. But these are the movers and shakers, the dudes of big business who command crores of rupees. And they say ‘don’t take shit, fight back’. They are the guys who can change opinions, get the wrong people out and the right people in. Do that, and use your company’s profits to fund our police force’s equipment.
As for those cricketers - you wanna play on? In a series that is a wash-out anyway??? Lemme make it clear - I hate this game. Play for 5 days and it ends in a draw? Waste the country’s precious time - during a one-dayer everyone’s stopped work to watch the game?!?!?!
There’s more action in half hour of wrestling than your entire LIFE, cricketers! Give it a rest and do something for those people who feed you, support you, cry for you – just by watching your eff-all game. Give some of those crores you earn for your ads. They don’t need you to come to their homes for photo-opps. Just send the cheque to get the cops better weapons. And insist and follow-up, since you are such a great person, that the money is used towards the cause you’ve given it for.
Leave the Thackerays alone. They surely have a mighty Marathi "Sena" being prepped right now, to fly into Pakistan and bomb a few places or stroll around shooting Paki Page 3 types enjoying their 5-star buffets - or even wage a full blown face to face war with the terrorist-lovers. Or at least I hope that's what the silence is all about. Send out the lumpens to clean up Pak, Raj - the bus-burners, the taxi-smashers, the bullies who only fight in mobs, the lugs who beat women and children, the looters - and you get my vote next elections.
And STOP calling it “Mumbai’s 9/11”. Why ape the bloody Yanks in everything?? It’s MUMBAI / BOMBAY’s problem.
Those who have got actions like funds, counseling, etc going on – pls post here, so we can spread the word and get to business when the candles burn out.